Launch of SIMAG Investment Funds

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We're proud to announce the launch of our first two ESG mutual funds

SIMAG is proud to announce the launch of its suite of mutual funds under the name of SIMAG Investment Funds (SICAV Incorporated in Luxembourg under UCITS directive). 

We launched two equity funds on March 27th with AuM of USD 75m. Both are rule-based, style agnostic and deliver consistent alpha with the proprietary SIMAG artficial intelligence engine. They invest in ESG Leaders globally and within the US and are ideally suited as an ESG compliant building block for a successful long-term asset allocation. The funds deliver beta equity exposure plus alpha opportunities at a cost level similar to ETF or index funds.

The funds are currently registered for sale in Luxembourg. Swiss registration and registration in further countries upcoming soon. 

More information about our funds can be found here