Qunzhi Zhang, PhD

Head Research & Development


Career: Before transferring to SIMAG® in January 2018, Qunzhi was a Senior Researcher at ETH Zurich since 2014. He developed the financial crisis observatory and did research in predicting extreme events in financial markets, reverse engineering financial markets with agent-based models and developing quantitative investment strategies. Before studying and working at ETH Zurich, he had worked as a software product manager and engineer for more than 10 years, developing complex software products.

Education & qualifications: Qunzhi received his PhD in Econophysics and his Master’s degree in Management, Technology and Economics from ETH Zurich. He got his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the East China University of Technology and Science, Shanghai, China. Qunzhi won the first class prize in the National Mathematical Olympiad of China in 1991.

Contact: +41 44 521 70 74 - qunzhi.zhangsimagcom