Benefits of unemotional systematic approaches in turbulent times

Looking for downside protection and differentiation in bearish markets?

ETH FCO and SIMAG Join Forces

New monthly Global Bubble Status Report for investment decision takers

Systematic approach...

...repeatable results ensured by using advanced artificial intelligence and rule based processes

Sustainable quant...

...with proprietary stock selection methodology applied to ESG-filtered universe

At SIMAG, we are proud of our roots as a ETH Zurich Spin-off. Our unique investment capabilities derive from more than a quarter-century of research into systematically detecting patterns and inefficiencies in financial markets.

We employ the most advanced artificial intelligence technology to extract signals from noisy financial data.

This is how we design cutting-edge quantitative investment solutions.

Our array of investment offerings includes bespoke equity solutions primarily for institutional investors, advisory on financial market signals, and a suite of mutual funds that apply our signature investment process to an ESG compliant universe.

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Neues Cockpit zeigt globalen Statusbericht zum Stand von Finanzblasen

Monatlicher Report des Financial Crisis Observatory (FCO)

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SIMAG investment funds registered in Switzerland

FINMA approves our range of ESG mutual funds for public distribution

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Moneycab: Are passive investors free riders?

Indexed investments - are they bringer of salvation or threatening the stability of financial markets? Read Daniel Schmitt's assessment on Moneycab

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